Accessibility-Peter's Story


AB4D is passionate about helping people with experiences of disabilities in Essex to stay connected to their community. This is Peter’s story…


Peter lives in Northeast Essex. Before COVID-19 restrictions, Peter regularly attended community groups and enjoyed taking part in sessions put on by AB4D and other organisations.

When restrictions came in and he was no longer able to attend groups in person, Peter struggled because getting out of the house and seeing people was an important part of his day. Initially AB4D supported Peter by giving him regular phone calls but when online meetings started to happen, he was unable to attend because he did not have an internet-enabled device and was not confident using new technology.


Over the last few months, through a kind and generous donation, AB4D was able to provide Peter with a brand-new Tablet with all the Apps needed to attend online meetings and stay in touch with his friends in the community. Staff from AB4D spent time with Peter, teaching him the basic skills needed to use the Apps, as well as helping him register for an email address too.


Peter is now able to stay connected to his groups as well as his friends and is especially enjoying using social media!

Well Done Peter!

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