Back to 'Normality'

We are now coming to the end of stage 2 of the government's roadmap out of lockdown, and things are slowly but surely starting to return to some sort of 'normality'. For some of our AB4D members, this means they can start to resume some of their activities that were such an important part of their life before COVID-19 struck.

We spoke to AB4D members Tania and Richard about getting back in the swing of things, you can find their lockdown stories here and here.

AB4D: Now that restrictions are easing, what activities are you able to start doing?

Tania: I'm back working on reception at SUMMIT after being furloughed during the lockdown, from the 17th of May my choir will start to meet again person (during the lockdown they met online) and I will be able to start seeing my friends and family more often. Richard: I am back working at a Charity Shop, as well as doing a Maths & English course at College and football training too.

AB4D: What are the positives about this from your perspective?

Richard: I'm looking forward to seeing my colleagues at work as we always have a great laugh! Tania: Seeing people more often will help me as it was very easy to feel lonely and isolated during the lockdown.

AB4D: Is it good to be back in a routine?

Tania: Yes, having things to do helps to give the day purpose and also helps to motivate me to get out and about. This also helps me with my health and fitness. Richard: It motivates me to meet the commitments I have made and help me push myself to achieve my goals

AB4D: Is there anything else positive about doing these activities?

Richard: Playing football again will help me sharpen my skills as I have not played for a long time. It will also help me with my fitness levels. Tania: I am able to learn new skills and I'm also able to pick up and redevelop the skills I was using before lockdown. For example, through working at SUMMIT and attending groups there, I was really confident with my speaking but I have not had the opportunity to do this as much; I'm looking forward to getting this skill back.

AB4D: What are you most excited about doing now restrictions are easing?

Tania: Seeing my friends up north! Richard: I can't wait to see my family who live up north as well as it has been a long time since I saw them. I'm also looking forward to seeing my friends and the staff at SUMMIT groups!

Thanks Richard and Tania! If you have any exciting stories to share about coming out of lockdown please get in touch

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