What is a Covid Vaccination like?

 As you will no doubt be aware, people all over the country are now starting to be vaccinated against COVID-19. AB4D spoke to Clacton Group member Brian about his recent vaccination.

AB4D: How and when were you contacted about your vaccination?

Brian: I received a text from my GP Surgery 5 days before the appointment telling me where it was and what time I needed to be there. They also sent me a text to remind me the day before.

AB4D: What happened when you arrived at the Vaccination Centre?

Brian: I needed to arrive 15 minutes early. When I got there I had to get my temperature taken to make sure I was feeling OK. Then I sat down and had to answer questions about my medical history-this was to make sure it was safe to have the injection and that I wouldn't have an allergic reaction, they talk to you in a way that is easy to understand. Next, I had to wait outside a room until it was my turn to be vaccinated. Before I had the injection, I had to answer the medical questions again to double-check, then I got the injection.

AB4D: Did it hurt?

Brian: No, it was fine.

AB4D: What happens after your injection?

Brian: I had to sit down for a while before I could leave. They told me there may be some side effects such as a headache and shivering but I didn't feel them.  They gave me a card that shows I have had the vaccination this is so somebody like a doctor knows I have had it in case I need any other medical care in the future.

AB4D: What is your advice to people who have not had the vaccination yet?

Brian: I think it's a good thing to do, to keep you safe. The people who work at the Centre are very friendly and helpful. I feel better now that I have had the first injection

Thanks Brian! For an easy-read leaflet about getting your vaccination please click here

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  1. Well done Brian. Great to read about your experience.