Learning Disability Awareness Week-Friendship

This week Learning Disabilities Awareness Week and the theme this year is 'friendship'.
AB4D believes in the importance of friendship-our model of working encourages group members to meet up regularly and look out for each other in their community; this has become even more vital in the current climate.
We interviewed two of our Clacton group members, Tania and Brian about their views on friendship and how they have maintained their friendship during the lockdown.

When asked how they define friendship Tania said 'friendship is about helping out and being there for each other' whilst Brian says 'friendship is all about trust, without trust, you can't have friendship'

They both agreed that friendship is even more important than ever during the lockdown 'Without friends, there would be nobody to talk to which is very upsetting' says Brian, Tania added 'I don't want to feel even more isolated and lonely'

Tania has been calling Brian regularly throughout the lockdown, 'I'm really grateful to Tania for putting the time in to check how I'm doing' said Brian 'It's nice to know that people are looking out for me'.
Tania said 'Brian is my friend so I'm interested in what he has been up to, and to see if I can offer him support'

Thanks guys!

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