Community Catch Up-Ryan

AB4D caught up with Braintree group member Ryan to see how he is doing during the lockdown.
 Ryan is a very active member of his local community and has a part-time job as well as volunteering in a Charity Shop. He is also heavily involved in local groups for people with disabilities, alongside his attendance at AB4D, he attends other groups where he has responsibilities as a peer mentor. Ryan is also a keen participant in Martial Arts, especially Karate.
Ryan was worried when the lockdown measures were announced because it meant that he was unable to participate in his normal activities which give him a sense of structure and purpose.
He is relieved to be part of the Government's furlough scheme, which means he is able to keep his income and he hopes to return to work as soon as possible.
Despite his initial concerns, Ryan has adapted well to the lockdown and is trying to stay active by going on regular walks, he also enjoys playing games on his XBOX.
During the lockdown, Ryan has made the most of the technology available to him to stay in contact with the people that are important to him, this is vital as he really misses them. He has had regular calls from the AB4D team and joined WhatsApp groups with people from his Charity Shop, Church and various clubs that he is a member of; Ryan particularly enjoyed a video chat 'Birthday Party' for a colleague at the Charity Shop. Ryan feels people with a Learning Disability are having an especially hard time, and that he is able to help people in these groups stay positive.
Ryan is hoping he is able to see his friends/colleagues soon and he hopes people keep safe and well.
Thanks Ryan!

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