Community Catch Up-Katrina

AB4D caught up with Clacton Group member Katrina, to see how she is doing during the lockdown.

Katrina is  very active in her local community and participates in a variety of groups and learning opportunities at SUMMIT alongside her involvement with AB4D. Katrina has made many friends whilst coming to SUMMIT and has regularly attended a Ladies only group, Tia-Chi classes, Art, and Mindfulness courses.  With support, Katrina has become a popular and proactive self and peer advocate, helping adults with disabilities have a voice and shape future services.
When the lockdown was first announced, Katrina like many people struggled and commented on SUMMITs Facebook page on how she was missing everyone.  Over the last 8 weeks Katrina now feels she has adapted to the situation and has developed a routine that she finds really helpful. Having ongoing support from her friends and SUMMIT staff has made this transition easier.
Katrina has made a real effort to stay in touch with friends and family and has been developing her technology skills to make video calls using different platforms such as WhatsApp; she has had regular contact with AB4D  staff on these platforms, who have been able to discuss her needs during the lockdown. Katrina has participated in our 'virtual group' meetings and has been able to use her techy skills to join a reunion meeting with the ladies group on Zoom. This will now be a regular part of Katrina’s routine.
Katrina is an active member of her church and although she can't attend services, she has been watching online services and staying in contact with her church members
Physical wellbeing is incredibly important to Katrina, she has been doing daily walks outside along with her exercises in the home.
Katrina enjoys arts and crafts and has managed to stay creative during the lockdown-even winning a competition she entered-congratulations Katrina! She enjoys quizzes and has even learned to play the ukulele via zoom lessons!
Katrina's message to everyone is that she hopes they are keeping well and safe and that she is missing her friends from the group.
SUMMITs message to Katrina is ‘well done’ for putting all these skills into practice and staying connected. We are very proud of you!

Thanks Katrina!

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