Community Catch Up-Tania

AB4D caught up with Clacton group member Tania via video chat, to see how she is doing during the lockdown.

Tania had installed WhatsApp and had taught herself to make video calls (see photo). As well as teaching herself how to use WhatsApp, Tania has also been using YouTube fitness videos to keep up with her exercises; she also tries to have a walk each day, whilst making sure that she follows the social distancing rules.
Tania has also kept up her active membership of a choir group, through online sessions and videos sent out by the group leader.
Tania loves colouring and completing word searches, and has plenty of them to complete whilst she is in the house.
Tania has been anxious about receiving her medication on time, but she makes sure she knows what she needs to do to get it, and has reported no issues so far.

AB4D hopes to bring you more stories soon!

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