Community Transport

AB4D exists to help people with experience of disabilities work collaboratively with Essex County Council to improve their life experience.
Some of the topics that we talk about require intervention from Essex County Council, but sometimes we can resolve issues at a local level; this is a great outcome because it empowers local people and saves resources at county level.

A brilliant example of this comes from the wonderful guys at our SUMMIT Hub in Clacton, who worked together to solve an issue that was important to them. Clacton is surrounded by rural villages, and there aren’t many public transport options for people to use; this caused a problem for some of the group, who wanted to visit one of the members but could not get there.
We had a group discussion about how all the group could meet up with each other- train, bus and taxi but these were not going to be viable options for our members.

A member of the group suggested the local Community Transport Scheme, as they were aware that it offered different services that they might be able to take advantage of. Several people in the group did not really know about the scheme, so there was a discussion about how the group could find out more. One idea was to invite someone who works at the scheme to talk to the group, which seemed to be popular but we were aware that it might be hard for them to make it and also because our meetings are not very regular it might be a long time before the issue got resolved.

One of the group, Maria suggested that as she had some free time she would go the scheme and find out specific information from them about the trip the group wanted to take, and to feedback that information to group members at other SUMMIT groups that week. She was able to do just that and came back with information that meant the group could book a trip to see their friend.

We hope that AB4D is able to make a difference in people’s lives at all levels in Essex and hope to have more good news stories soon!

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