GP Interview

AB4D is interested in people’s experiences of accessing GP services in Essex.
         To find out more, we interviewed Richard and Tania about their experiences in North Essex.

We asked them about how easy it was to understand the Doctor or Nurse when at an appointment, both Richard and Tania said that they generally understood what was being said to them; Tania sometimes needs complex information to be repeated in more simple terms, and she said her Doctor was happy to do that for her. Tania also said sometimes she would be unsure the next day of what the Doctor had told her, and she would phone the surgery to double-check; she says the Doctor would take her call or ring her back to explain which she finds very helpful.

We also asked them about the length of a GP appointment, Richard said he often felt his appointments felt rushed and that people with a learning disability should be allocated more time. Tania said she often feels her appointments are not long enough.

We asked Tania and Richard whether they saw the same Doctor for every or most appointment, they both said they normally did, and this was helpful as they got to work with the same person who knew their case well.

Tania stated that sometimes she found letters sent to her from her surgery confusing and that she was not always sure why they wanted her to come in. She felt that letters in an Easy Read format would be more helpful.  Tania also said that she found booking appointments over the phone quite easy.

Both Tania and Richard said that waiting whilst in surgery could take a long time and they both found the order of people seeing a Doctor or Nurse confusing at times.  They both agreed Electronic Booking-In Systems were easy to use and that staff were very polite

Richard said that Annual Health Checks were done in his Care Home and he was satisfied with the way they are carried out.

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